Doldrums of summer

There are so very many things that I am thinking about these days that it seems as though I seldom have a moment of serenity in my own mind. Little by little, all the various things that need to be accomplished are happening, and yet it seems as though the list continues to grow and change as we get closer to Moving Day. PG and S are both very good about supporting me when my head is about to explode, so I am truly blessed. We've noticed that one of the positives about triad life is that the chances of everyone in the household having a bad day, or needing lots of emotional bolstering are MUCH lower, so that leads to more stability for everyone and less strain on any one partner.

For me, I tend to be pretty mellow and very social, so being a bit less relaxed and a lot less social feeling of late perplexes me, not to mention the rest of the family! We're all looking at the move as a reset point for many things, including some professional stuff, so the three weeks to go seem both close and too far away, depending on which priority tops the list at a given time!

Mostly the kids are doing well with this. The daughter that PG and I share was wigging about it a few months back, but now she's pretty ready and raring to go! Can't wait for her new room, putting things where she wants them to be, living close to different kids, and just generally having more options. S's daughter is having anxiety at this point, I think. She's been a bit more snarly and snarky at times, and I'm sure she's nervous about what the new structure will be like. We've tried for a level of consistency already between houses, but there are some differences in general routines that will be an adjustment, like less television and more interaction, differences in a lot of the little details of life, new school etc. The hope is that once we are in space, have the structure in place, and things are routine and consistent, that a lot of the little conflicts will self-resolve. Other than that, we're prepared to have a bit of a rollercoaster for a while!

PG is talking with another local poly woman whose spouse is moving his sweetie in with them shortly as well. I feel really encouraged that he's building a community resource that can truly be in his shoes, and hopefully provide a good sounding board. Met her briefly at a community event, but didn't get a chance to talk. She seemed really nice, with that sparkle I resonate with. Their first date is on Friday, and S and I are taking the kids for the evening to hang out with his ex gf and her kids. Life is interesting, especially when you aren't feeling particularly social and social opportunities keep coming to you! ;)

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