One week in....

It's been a week since we made the transition to common household now. What a busy week! I don't think I've ever sustained such a fevered pitch of activity for such a length of time. The new space is fantastic. One of the best things we did, other than hiring movers to do a lot of the heavy lifting, was to have a handyman over target for the first couple days. He did so much to help us out with all the little projects that suck time and go much faster with good tools and superior know-how! We actually had stuff up on the walls by day two. Weird...

On a poly front: It's been a tough week. PG was feeling a bit closed in on by me, as I really wanted to hold a tight perimeter and keep things pretty exclusively to just us for a bit. We had very (for us) rather hard conversations/fights a couple times this week. It feels like we've turned a corner in the past couple days though, with both of us giving what we've been asked for with a more open heart. As difficult as it's been, I anticipated something along those lines at some point in this process, although the form has been surprising, so it wasn't a big shock to have a significant adjustment point. I think that if we all continue to relax a bit more and allow everyone to move at their own pace, the kinks will work themselves out gradually. Generally, at this point, things are feeling good and I'm cautiously optimistic.

S has a breakfast date today with B and she might be over later to play. PG was out last night at G's house and has a date with K on Saturday, so he's volunteered to watch kids tonight so that S and I can get a little date out. It'll be nice to get out a bit again. As lovely as the new space is, working and living here, as both S and I do, it can feel really nice to stretch into a different place and energy every so often.

Well, I am off to clean before work! Hope all of you readers out there are finding something interesting in what is being shared here.

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