Programming Note

Well, the end of another quarter and the numbers speak for themselves:

Pretty impressive for a wee little blog! And we so couldn't do it without you guys, the readers - so thank you!

So I made a few changes to the layout today:

1. Added RSS feed capability to the blog.

2. Added a feed from PolyamoryWeekly. If you scroll down, you can link-out to get the latest episodes.

3. Added a video feed to 3DogPictures - those guys up in Seattle who do The Family polyamory series? Anyway, you can get those here now, too!

4. I also added a convenient tag that lets you know when one of us are talking.

5. Finally, the nav bar to the right got a layout change just to re-organize things a tad.

So, yeah!
Thanks for reading and being such a great part of our lives!