Why Fulcrum?

I was browsing through some poly dictionary stuff today and noticed that the term I use for my place in this relationship structure isn't there. The words that I see noted are "pivot" and "hinge". It got me to thinking about why I opted to go with fulcrum?

It has to do with what a fulcrum is. A point, somewhere between more than one object, that the system balances on. To me, pivot is a term that denotes turning from one thing to another, and that isn't terribly descriptive of what I want to manifest. Hinge sounds more like opening to one thing, while closing to another, again, not what I am seeking.

For me, being the person in between is an active space to occcupy. I have taken two (or more) people into my life that aren't in relationship with each other, and asked them to co-exist on a great many levels. My job is to keep the system as close to balanced as possible, and that requires conscious effort at times. It's a bit of a responsibility, but hopefully they're having fun like the folks in the picture. ;)