Yeah, not the best choice of titles perhaps, but that's kind of where I'm at currently following the vacation trip last week. You'd think that after two years, we'd have run across the landmines/boundaries to be had. Apparently, there's still room for growth!

There were a great many good parts about this trip, but perhaps a bit too much togetherness for too extended a period of time. Some of it was kid related, although I think that was about average, from what I'm remembering from family vacations as a kid. Part of it was being too close physically to emotionally compartmentalize things as much as we usually do.

With one condo and one car, there wasn't a whole lot of room to stretch out or get away from each other. Instead of having a V where the two ends of the letter are further apart, it got pretty compressed. There was a flavor of exposing each relationship to the other on a more intensive level, which wasn't comfortable to everyone.

After some discussion and decompression, things are back on track, but we'll need to do more advanced planning if we opt for a fully integrated trip again. Certainly, our next try at vacations will be for a shorter duration, with more structure in place to support the needs of all.

Back to the drawing board!
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