Beginnings and sushi

This evening S and I are having dinner with his new interest. While she and I have met previously, it wasn't in the context of having a mutual connection, so this is sort of the "get to know you" outing. I think we're all a bit excited, and a tinge apprehensive.

It's a little different when you are starting a conversation with someone who isn't familiar with polyamory. There are no assumptions made, no common vocabulary or expectation, and so there's an additional level of communication that happens, probably at the level that all of us would do well to start with, regardless of the potential connection's poly experience level.

As per usual, I'm likely to be a bit direct. This may, or may not, be comfortable for her. Clarity is something that has a lot of value to me, so I'll stick with direct. It'll be pretty amusing if S ends up being the diplomatic arm here, since that is typically my forte. ;) When he and I started dating, it was similar. He was learning _everything_ from the ground up about ethical non-monogamy. Trial by fire, blood, sweat and tears. He did beautifully. It gives me hope for the future, as well as the present.

On an amusing note: We're going to have sushi! This is funny because S has steadfastly refused to have sushi with me previously. However, since she and I both like it, we're leveraging New Relationship Energy plus Old Relationship Magic to get him there tonight. I'm not above using the system. ;)
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