It is with mixed feelings that I write this post. After 16 years, PG and I have decided to end our relationship as partners. There will be more decompression to come, I am sure, but at this time, I can share that we are moving in different directions in our lives, and our course is no longer parallel in ways that would make this a successful connection.

Polyamory, and cohabiting with S, are neither the least, nor the greatest, of contributing factors to this decision. At this point, neither of those things are changing for any of us. This isn't a contentious separation, and we are committed to finding ways to continue forward in a purposefully kind manner with one another. There are no sides, no good guy/bad guy. Just differences in desires and dreams.

I will continue with this blog, which has been most useful to me over the past two years, and with my journey in poly. One of the greatest blessings to me has been the support and love that has flowed from the community to support us in this transition. Particularly valued has been the offers of support and caring extended towards the kids. Thank you all.

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