Considering Abundance

A student joined his master in the garden.

The student asked his master, “Is abundance freedom?”

There was a brief moment of silence, then the master bent over, picked up a rock, and handed it to the student.

The student accepted it and looked at the rock.

The master nodded.

And the student looked back at the rock. And then looked back at the master.

The master said nothing.

A long time passed before the master bent over again and handed the student another rock from the garden.

The student balanced both rocks in one hand and then transferred one to his left hand, just as the master recovered another rock from the garden and handed it to the student.

Then another. And another.

His master handed him too many rocks and the student’s hands were overwhelmed. The rocks fell from his grasp and littered the path near his feet. The student quickly crouched to the earth, anxious to sweep up the rocks again.

While the student kneeled to collect the rocks he dropped, the master placed just one rock perfectly balanced on the top of his own bald head, smiled, and walked away.